Welcome to

LI Crafty ones Mobile Workshop Inc.-

this is the original traveling Craft Workshop

that amazes a lot of People and Kids

with Workshops, Classes and Parties.

LI crafty ones Mobile Workshop Inc.


Short and Long sessions

at the NITZ Community center

in Middle Island

and are always


short sessions (1 hr. ) are $35

long sessions(90 min.) are $50

Virtual and Private Sessions can be booked if staff is available

 short session 1hr. $45 and long sessions 90 min. $65

(Please note that materials for virtual sessions

can be picked up

at location any day  before craft session.

Material for in class sessions are at location.)

Art/Craft Classes ,Parties and Workshops

can be booked with me at the 

NITZ community center-

please note


Art/Craft Classes ,Parties and Workshops

are privately booked parties

and the prices are basic services prices-

Material for these Parties can be purchased at the party.

Do to COVID-19 situation there are currently no Parties available to book- Thank you


has her

own handcrafted collection for sale on Etsy

look for 


and here on this website under "online shop

unique or personalized  handcrafted gifts items

can be ordered aswell

Thank you

Meet The Creative Mind 

Gabriela is a mom of 3 with a degree in Preschool education and she also has a Culinary Degree (both from Europe).

She is also an approved Community Classroom leader through ISS and EEDA

Crafting is her true passion and because she loves it so much she wants to pass her passion on to you.